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  • Wellington
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    3 Fun Things to Do Around Wellington New Zealand

    The capital city of New Zealand, Wellington, is known as the ‘Windy City’ for good reason. But the wind doesn’t put us off having fun as much as we can. I love living in Wellington as it isn’t full of grey concrete buildings and it’s also not a huge city. You can realistically walk from […] More

  • Hong Kong Festivals
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    Hong Kong Festivals

    Hong Kong is a compact, modern metropolis filled with high rises and is a hub for international business. In addition to its cosmopolitan flair, the city is greatly influenced by Chinese culture and plays host to a number of colourful and flamboyant festivals all throughout the year. More

  • Travel Medical Insurance
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    Travel Medical Insurance – Dare to Travel without it?

    It’s been said time and time again: “I don’t need traveller’s insurance,” “I’ll just be extra careful,” and the infamous “what’s the worst that could happen?” Well, ask that to 24-year-old Canadian Anna Leibenko, the former Toronto Argos cheerleader who was left fighting for her life in a Croatian hospital after slipping off a boat, […] More

  • travel scams

    How to Avoid Scams While Traveling

    Traveling is a wonderful thing. Seeing the grand world we live in, experiencing different cultures, and participating in activities that we would never have done at home are all excellent ways to grow as a person. There are many benefits to travel, and many great countries to visit. However, there are always going to be […] More

  • things to do in budapest
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    7 Places You Must Visit In Budapest

    Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of the finest cities in central eastern Europe and a massive tourist destination. Approximately 2.7 million tourists visit Budapest each year and there are so many good reasons why. Budapest is a truly beautiful city with so much history behind it, which you will find out about as […] More

  • Dubai Shopping Festival

    All about Dubai Shopping Festival in 2013

    The time is again going to come for which most of the tourists postpone their trips and here comes again an opportunity to be a part of the Dubai shopping festival event, which is soon going to take place in 2013 where you can gain the world’s ideal shopping experience. More

  • How To Spend The Holidays in Scotland

    Take your soul on a vacation to Scotland

    Monotony makes up almost ninety percent of our lives, while excitement forms ten percent of it. Though it is not advisable to run behind the ten percent excitement always, it is imperative to break the humdrum of your incessantly monotonous life. If you feel totally exhausted and spent out from within, it is time you […] More

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    Traveling in Paris: Five Tips to Ensure a Dream Trip

    Half the fun of traveling to a new city or country is tasting the food. When people think of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe come to mind, yes, but so does escargot and croissants. While sight-seeing and eating your way through the city, there are several ways to safely enjoy yourself. Here […] More

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    Taking More Than the Toiletries

    Credit: Jayegirl99 Everyone knows someone who makes sure they pocket the swish toiletries from the hotel bathroom before they leave. ‘Well I’ve paid for it!,’ is usually the response when questioned and many would argue they are right. However, some people go a bit further than the shampoo, conditioner and moisturiser and pocket goods which […] More

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    Weird Alternative Hotel Constructions

    Source For some of us, staying hotels can get a little bit boring and stale. This is generally because once you have been to one; you have been to them all. They may look a little different but they are essentially the same wherever you seem to go…or are they? More

  • Dead Sea

    Dead Sea

    The Dead Sea is one of the top attractions in Israel and as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World (well almost, it made it into the short list of the recent 7 Wonders competition) and the lowest point on Earth it is not worth missing on a visit to Israel. However it […] More